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At we offer an array of reputation management services to protect the online privacy of our clients. In this age of the internet, a vast segment of our lives are filtered through search engines like Google.

Unfortunately for us, Google has morphed into an unregulated background aggregator, one for which there is no due process. This is the reason major corporations retain our services to protect the online presentation of their brand, and now we offer the same level of protection to small business owners and consumers alike.​
You Are What ​We Do 
We work for you and will do whatever has to be done to protect your online privacy. Our investigators and attorneys are on retainer for your unique situation, and you will have the peace of mind knowing we will work around the clock to protect our clients. Stop wasting precious time out of your life researching each website that appears in your search results – retain RemoveSlander. com today and go enjoy life.​​
Money Back Guarantee 
Before your enrollment, you will receive a detailed quote specifying the entire process and a completion time frame. If we have not delivered, you will receive a refund. Every client is faced with a unique challenge, and from time to time there are unforeseen issues that may arise. The Good News is: in the worst case scenario we will ask you for an extension on the time frame, but our Money Back Guarantee protects your enrollment cost.
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Our office consists of six experienced Public Relation Specialists, who are qualified to alleviate your crisis. The seventh person in our office is the owner: all inquiries are responded to promptly. After you enroll, we will assign a PR Specialist to guide you through the reputation management process, and personally update you on our progress.  
​​We will never sell your information. Once you call us, we will not spam you or harass you a week later with solicitation calls. If we have not earned your business during the initial consultation, your information is never stored for re-marketing.  You have the right to protect your privacy, and that starts with your Google Search Results. 
We invented Mugshot Removal Services, our firm was 1st on the scene, and we have the media reports to prove it. We challenge you to search the media coverage from major news sources and compare the dates of our oldest news coverage to that of our competitors. We guarantee you will not find a more experienced firm at tackling the mugshot removal problem.
The mugshot industry is a group of unregulated websites that copy the records found on Sherriff websites but charge a fee to delete the arrest information.

Prior to 2009, the primary service offered at was Cyber Bully Removal and Online Brand Protection for business owners who faced attacks from disgruntled customers. We received our first request for mugshot removal services from one of our celebrity clients, a local television personality who lived in South Florida.

It was then we discovered at the top of our client’s search results, a website loaded with millions of mugshot photos.  It required a strenuous effort to suppress our client’s mugshot. After our goal was accomplished, it was then that we realized other clients were in need of the same services, and so we started offering mugshot removal services.
After that initial mugshot website was removed from our client’s Google search, we soon witnessed the emergence of two more mugshot websites: both having published the same arrest photo. decided to focus a more significant portion of our brand protection efforts in the mugshot removal process.
The tech news source published an article in 2011 which literally gave birth to the industry that profited from publishing mugshots.  From 2011-2014 we witnessed an explosion in the total number of mugshot websites.

In May of 2012, we monitored the activities of over 475 web properties as they published up to the minute arrest files, many of those files included not only booking photos, but all so home addresses. The cost to remove a client from these sites ranged from $50 - $499 with no guarantee that the site owners wouldn’t republish the same content on another one of their mugshot websites.

This unethical process of reposting consumers on additional mugshot websites after payment is a practice that we fought intensely to end, even going to the extent of filing lawsuits against website owners who refused to remove our clients from all additional properties.

The good news for our clients is once they retained our services their mugshot problem ended. For those who sought to take on the mugshot websites alone by paying removal fees on each website, their nightmare continued. 
“When you read online stories from victims of mugshot websites, this is where you commonly hear them complain about the game of Whack-A-Mole..”
Paul Christian


As harsh as it sounds, the mugshot problem was actually caused by local police departments who developed a practice of posting the arrest file of each booked individual, regardless of the individual's guilt or innocence.

Since 2010 it has been our position at that posting the mugshot photos of non-violent detainees was a reckless step in the arrest process and one that exposed innocent people to data scraping entrepreneurs. As a result of our advocacy efforts, over 80% of the Sheriff’s in the State of Florida and South Carolina have taken measures to block the easy access of data mining mugshot websites.

More evidence of this shift in the public shaming culture of the Sheriff's department could be in the decision of Charleston County sheriff.

According to the The Sheriff decided too many people were being hurt needlessly and stopped posting mugshots online. The basic arrest information is on the jail’s website, but without the photo, it loses its commercial and voyeuristic value in our reality-show culture. If the media wants a mugshot, they can get it through an e-mail system with the jail.
“We are not going to allow websites to (take) every mugshot and charge people for taking them down,” says Seth Rose, a Columbia attorney and Richland County councilman who championed the issue. The Charleston County sheriff could do the same “with one phone call,” Rose said.

I made a lot of phone calls. One of them was to Capt. Roger Antonio of the sheriff’s office. In response, the county’s information technology department installed a verification system in the jail’s website that has blocked and other operations from automatically harvesting the mugshots.

“I’m glad you pointed it out,” Antonio told me last week. Richland County’s practice of not posting the mugshots still looks sturdier to me, but Charleston’s move is a welcome step in the right direction.


​​How Does State Law Effect Our Service?

At we get this question all the time from casual shoppers as well as members of the media, and our reply is simple: we’re not affiliated with a mugshot website. Many of the laws passed in states like California and Florida only apply to the actual third party mugshot websites, as it relates to our service is offered as search engine repair and optimization solutions that are performed independently from the third party mugshot sites.

The Money Back Guarantee we offer our clients covers the removal of their mugshot from  Google, Yahoo, or Bing, but there is a possibility it could remain on the third party mugshot website, and the Sheriff's sites in counties were booking photos are uploaded online.

The reason the mugshot could still appear active and visible on the mugshot website is because one of our main strategies is to suppressed the link. Link suppression is a system that we invented to bury negative links under a ton of positive content. If done correctly, many search engines will render the content irrelevant to the searched keyword. Search engines like Google have algorithms designed to display the most relevant content first, all other links are downgraded to lower pages.

At we have built the infrastructure to not only suppress negative links, but also keep them buried.

The same principal we utilize for link suppression also applies to the removal of negative images. Once Google has crawled a website and added that link to its algorithm that imported link file will also include an image upload in Google Images. The good news for our customers is our money back guarantee includes the images associated with the link that we were hired to remove. Success for our removal team is an internet search that returns zero mugshot websites and pictures.

How State Laws Fall Short?

In addressing the mugshot data upload problem, we’ve discovered that many of the state laws will only serve as a patch to remedy a problem with several known leaks. The major leaker of mugshot photos is local Sheriff departments. Once your booked and process there is a strong possibility your mugshot was already on Google before you posted bail. It is the Sheriff who remains the originating source of arrestee files that were made public. At the core of the problem remains the ease in accessibility of arrest files and booking photos.

The laws recently passed in Florida falls miles short of addressing the problem of news websites that post mugshot photos for the intended purpose of increasing traffic and monetized ads.

Additionally, over the past few years, some states have passed legislation that prevents these sites from charging a fee for removal and forbids sheriffs from releasing images to these pay for mugshot removal websites. While this type of protection against mugshot removal fees is important, remember that there is currently no national standard in place, and that the process is completely dependent on the state. To learn more about those states that currently uphold this kind of legislation and those whose cases are pending, visit the National Conference of State Legislatures.

How To Remove My Mugshot From The Internet?

Even the Orlando Sentinel has an active policy of posting the mugshot photos of people who haven’t been found guilty of a crime. According to their recent publication on the Mugshot State Law.

The Orlando Sentinel publishes arrest photos from Orange County in an online photo blotter that is updated daily. The images are automatically removed after 30 days, and there is no fee involved.

Barbara Petersen, president of the First Amendment Foundation, said the law does not apply to news organizations because they don’t charge a fee. She said she’s sympathetic to the bill because it stops exploitation.
“Scamming people is not constitutionally protected free speech,” she said. “Mug shots are public record and you have the right to publish them. Government can’t tell you not to publish something — but what it can say is, if you publish it, you can’t scam people out of their money.”

What elevates is we are not the publisher of the mugshot photos nor do we own the mugshot photos. The owners of the booking pictures are quite often the arresting Sheriff Department. The sites guilty of making these photos available online and easily accessible by third-party content miners are traditional news sites like The Orlando Sentential

At we pride ourselves in being part of the mugshot removal solution by offering our clients three fundamental guarantees.

We will never sell our clients information to any third party website or data collecting service. The information that we collect from our clients is very little beyond basic contact, and we also limit our ability to store personal information beyond the completion of our service agreement.  

Our customers only pay us on enrollment fee per arrest and their enrollment is locked. Customers have reached out to us from prior years, and we provided additional services free of charge. We continue to monitor the search results our clients long after our initial service agreements. Many of the clients from 2010 have never had to call our office for additional service, because we’re always on patrol for new threats.

We focus our efforts in presenting a more positive you.

At we focus on developing a strong online presence and promoting the positive websites found in your search results. One of the major benefits in using this strategy is it provides the protection needed to block future mugshot links from appearing in your search results. We call it Brute Force Suppression of negative search results in the Google keyword rankings. When it comes to dealing with mugshots in your image search results, the good news is that your biggest problem isn’t the website hosting the image, but a lack of pictures that ranks under your name.

Unlike our competitor who offers a fly by night automated service, that requires you to build websites properties and then set up optimization, at we do all the work for you. We can have a personal website with a domain that matches your name with social media profiles in a fraction of the time and save you tremendously on the cost.

How To Remove My Mugshot From Google?

Mugshot removal is possible on your own, but if you feel that it’s far too time-consuming, then I ask that you allow us the opportunity to protect your online reputation. If you have landed on our website seeking information on how to remove your mugshot from Google, then I ask that you, please fill out the request a quote form or call us at 1-888-821-7571​.

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